We know what we’re doing.

We have been providing support for the development of new products for a long time now, and are conscious of how much damage can be caused by even the smallest mistakes. We are equally conscious of the fact that we need to have a zero tolerance attitude towards mistakes. We work towards this goal – each and every day. We test automotive products for our customers to find out whether they can withstand the requirements of the future. So that even today, you know what tomorrow’s results will be. This doesn’t mean it’s possible to eliminate every future problem. However, we can do everything within our power.
We do.

KJ Tech Services
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Ulrich and Christian Schödel founded the company in 1989. We have since grown around 100 employees. Over the years, we have continuously expanded our core competencies and integrated new business fields.

  • 2017

    Merger with Intertek

    Expansion of global presence and the extensive range of quality assurance, test and certification services for the automotive industry

  • 2016

    Long-term tests

    Long-term tests with branch in St. Petersburg, Russia

  • 2014

    Long-term tests

    Long-term tests with branch in Dubai, UAE

  • 2014

    Worldwide expansion

    Testing projects in China and Canada.

  • 2010

    Benchmark tests

    First benchmark tests including the areas of electric mobility and high-voltage applications.

  • 2005

    High-voltage and hybrid vehicles

    First projects involving high-voltage applications with hybrid vehicles.

  • 2004

    Projects in GCC-6

    KJ Tech starts implementation of first road tests in Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

  • 2003

    Move to Griesheim

    Relocation of the company headquarters to Griesheim, Germany near the Darmstadt motorway intersection into what was once a BMW dealership – everything is under one roof going forward.

  • 1993

    First lorry testing

    First lorry road tests.

  • 1989


    Foundation of KJ Tech Services in Alsbach, Germany.

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The automobile has been around far longer than a century. That seems like an eternity, but concerning development there is still no end in sight. Vehicles are becoming more complex while development and production have to meet increasing requirements from legislation, customers and the market.

KJ Tech has been involved in this process as a reliable partner for manufacturers, the oil industry and suppliers since 1989. We ensure long-term reliability for development; it’s the foundation of what we do. The breadth and scope of our work will become even more diverse in the future. Various aspects of globalisation are turning mobility into a complex equation with new variables being added constantly. We are here to provide the solution. Beyond Europe, we are undertaking projects throughout the world, including Canada, Dubai, Russia and the growing market of China. Many sectors are in upheaval coping with changing technology. Everyone in the market is facing new challenges due to developments such as the emergence of alternative drive technologies. We seek to grow with the market in overcoming these challenges.

Our merger with Intertek in April 2017 allows us to tap into new markets worldwide and offer an even more extensive portfolio.
Intertek is a leading service provider for complete quality assurance for industries around the world. With its network of more than 1,000 labs and offices, and over 43,000 employees in more than 100 countries, the group sets new benchmarks in the industry with its range of complete quality assurance services.

There is much to do and it is important that we recognise trends and develop the necessary technologies and processes. As a partner, we do not stand still while the world moves forward. We move forward because mobility is what drives us.

Our team

Bernd Schwarz

Managing Director

Gerald Sobota

Head of IT, Measuring Technology & Special Projects

Christine Schultheis

Head of Customer Relations & Projects


Our business revolves around ensuring discretion. Our customer recommendations are our best references. As a result, we focus on business relationships that leave a good impression years later – even if we never talk about them with third parties. This is why we never list specific references by name. While we may be proud of the customers we have, loyalty is much more important to us.

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