Science fiction becomes applied science.

The Engineering business area embodies our wealth of expertise relating to technical development. Our engineers and technicians provide you with the highest-quality advice and assistance, where ideal solutions are always the outcome. Our expertise is in the disciplines of road testing, validation, aftermarket, powertrain, vehicle dynamics, thermodynamics, mechanical systems, oil and additives.

This includes developing new system components, building prototypes, and developing suitable testing strategies as well as measuring technology. You can rely on this: starting with the first conversation, we offer highly skilled advice and innovative technical solutions. Our technical core competencies are in the following areas: project management, validation processes, developing benchmarks, evaluating parts, manufacturing quality services, aftermarket quality rating, system evaluation of vehicles and developing validation concepts.

Our services include:

  • Measurement lay out & definition
  • Installation and supply of data logging equipment
  • Application optimized usage
  • Data processing, evaluation and storage
  • Set-up of test benches
  • Thermal analysis
  • Thermodynamic behavior
  • Building of prototypes
  • Traditional, mechanical and electronic gauge instrumentation
  • Complete, custome panel and console offering
  • Vehicle CAN data read out
  • Plug-and-go CAN-based displays, instruments and controls

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